Brown/Blue Spotty

29 November 2011

Twisty Tuesday

That's how I feel my day will turn out. I was far too late going to sleep last night (the stitching bug was to blame) and roused very early when the LM left for London at 04:40, leaving without saying hello/bye is not really allowed here ~ can't imagine who decided that should be the rule! I should have been going with him but as I've missed so much work I can't really take more time off to jaunt around the country. So as well as getting frustrated with lack of hearing today I may be slightly tetchy ~ if I were you I'd give me a wide berth. I'm off to see if porridge can save the day.



Barb said...

Oh dear Kate , good thing I am at the other end of the country! no need to explain how you feel ,been there done that and got a teeshirt somewhere.
Hope the day improves and you find the matchsticks by the end of it!

cucki said...

dear kate..sending you (hugs)

Julie said...

No one leaves here without a kiss goodbye, but i am happy so say that my DH doesn't go anywhere at such an unearthly hour!

Hope all went well at the Dr;s and you are soon feeling much better.
(big hug)