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28 August 2015

Stitch from Stash ~ August 2015

Hello All

I've been missing an epic amount of time ~ life does that to you sometimes!

Here I am reporting on my efforts in Stitch from Stash Part B for the first time!

I'm sticking with the same budget I had in Part A and reporting in GBP - £25.00/month


Budget ~ £25.00

Spent ~ £0.00

Cfwd ~ £25.00


Bfwd ~ £25.00

Budget ~ £25.00

Spent ~ £42.00

Cfwd ~ £8.00

My purchases for the month were this kit and a piece of 32ct linen from Sparklies ~ both were bought during my first visit to the Festival of Quilts at the NEC, Birmingham.  My felt kit had sold out at the show so my details were left with Isabelle and it was mailed to me once she had returned to France.
We had a splendid day ~ 4 of us up with the sparrows and on the train!  There were lots of gorgeous quilts in the actual exhibition ~ some exquisite work ~ and plenty stalls to drool over and spend at.  I plan to go again next year.

On the actual stitching front I have nothing to report ~ in all the months I have been missing I don't believe that I have actually stitched.  I've learnt how to knit & crochet so have been doing lots of practise at those.  My stitching travelled to Europe again this year but sadly did not come out of the box it was transported in ~ I'm hoping to get back to it very soon.

Happy stitching


1 May 2015

OPAM 2015 ~ March & April

Hello All

Well the dreaded curse of expecting to have things finished and then life tripping you up landed on my plate.
I still have not managed to meet up with the recipient of my February finish so can't add pictures yet.
March & April have been a wash out as far as crafting is concerned so my finish count is currently reversing!
Hope to catch up in the coming months

Till next time


30 April 2015

Stitch from Stash 2015 ~ March

This last month has been difficult and life was shelved in favour of spending as much time as possible with my Lovely Dad.
Consequently I have two months to report

Brought Forward ~ £50.00

Month ~ March & April 2015

Spent ~ ZERO

Credit ~ ZERO

Carried Forward ~ £100.00

I can't report any starts, wips or finishes as I have done absolutely no stitching ~ on the up side, I haven't spent any money!


16 April 2015

A Girl's First Hero

My Dad

17 September 1921 to 2 April 2015

Later today our family bids farewell to my first hero.

As a boy of 7 he contracted smallpox and was placed in a sanatorium, miles away from home, not allowed visitors ~ my Grandma could wave to him from outside when she was able to get there ~ and he wasn't expected to survive.  At 93 (and a half!) I guess he showed them!

A wonderfully devoted husband to our late Mum, Veda Ann, Dad  to us 11 siblings, Father in law to all our spouses, Granddad to 21 & Great Granddad to 12 ~ a lasting legacy.  We are truly blessed to have had such wonderful parents.

6 March 2015

OPAM 2015 ~ February

Hello All

I'm back to report on my February finish, yes, singular!  And, I can't share a picture at this time as I have yet to get a mutually convenient time to be able to visit the recipient.

I have a couple of items that were so close to being finished at the end of February that I should easily up the count in March ~ how many times do we think this and then it doesn't materialise?

Till next time


1 March 2015

Stitch from Stash 2015 ~ February

Gosh, February disappeared a little quickly!  I know it's a short month, but wow!

So here is my report ~ I may be too late to be acknowledged officially however I still want to keep my record going.

Month ~ February 2015

Spent ~ ZERO

Credit ~ ZERO

Carried Forward ~ £50.00

New Starts
1 Replacement exchange piece ~ still wanting this to be a surprise ~ no further details at the moment
Started 14/02/2015
All items from stash greater than 6 months
2 2nd replacement exchange piece - still wanting this to be a surprise ~ no further details at the moment
Started 06/02/2015 ~ Finished 13/02/2015
All items from stash older than 6 months
3 Stitchers Day Exchange piece for Friendly Stitchers Yahoo Group ~ no further details at the moment
Started 22/02/2015
All items from stash older than 6 months

1 Summer House Pincushion from Blackbird Designs
Started 01/01/2015
All items from stash older than 6 months

1 Beaded butterfly bookmark from Spellbound Bead Company
All items from Stash younger than 6 months ~ no credit applies
Finished 30/01/2015 ~ after last month's report
2 Welcome Baby from Lizzie Kate
Items for the stitching all from stash older than 6 months/finishing fabric younger than 6 months ~ no credit applies.

I did have one purchase in February and I checked with Mel whether it needed to be included in my report ~ I was advised that it didn't.  

I found these while away with my DH ~ he was working I was wandering.  I dropped him at his client's offices and I visited Cirencester while I waited for him.  
There was a small antiques fair on in a hall I passed ~ well it would have been rude not to call in ~ and I found these beautiful scissors.  They are detailed as 19 century, have no cutting power whatsoever but I just thought they were gorgeous so I treated myself.  They are marked J Rodgers and Sons who were a Sheffield maker ~ I still need to do more research to find my scissors.

Until next month


10 February 2015

Bookmark Exchange

Back in November Clare who runs the Needlecraft Haven Yuku Group organised our Autumn meet up.  We had a great day and especially so as one of our number had traveled from the USA to be with us.
As part of this meet up we had a secret exchange ~ we each chose a postcard which revealed our partner and the answer to a few questions as hints on potential design choices for stitching our bookmarks.

Kates Flossbox 2015
NH Bookmark Exchange from Clare

Reveal day was 4 February.
This is my exchange from Clare and it depicts one of my favourite things ~ macaroons!
Clare also included some lovely goodies and they have lasted quite well, both packets have been consumed today!

Kates Flossbox 2015
Beaded Butterfly Bookmark
I  picked Lindsay's card and as I know she likes to bead I decided to have a go at making this.  It was a bit fiddly to get going but on the whole I thoroughly enjoyed the beading process

Kates Flossbox 2015
Beaded Bookmark for Lindsay
This was also my 2nd finish from last month's OPAM.

Till next time.